Friday, July 15, 2011


Is really an OMG  !!!
How long had i neglected u ???

Ok, to update my status now, im graduated and working now...
Up till the moment when i started to work, i realised why ppl always said
' study is better than working'  huhu~~
Anyway, the ONLY way for me to go back into uni is continue my Master lah...but when can i do that?? *question marks*

Can u see my study stuff??? HAHAHA!!! 

There's lot for me to update here but as i'm too 'hardworking' wait till i'm in the mood lah >.<

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reunion Dinner with Reddies

This is my thesis group members..and we had been in a group since Year 1 Sem 1 for every assignment..
We had co-operate well for these years and important thing is that we did help each other lots in doing all crazy stuffs..hahaha...
Here, i would like to award de 'paling bising' price to MR JOHN...he would 'shoot' me whenever he catches my mistake =.= and i cant talk win him..lagi sien...
next, an award of 'paling rajin' to MISS APPLE...she can done her work in time n nicely..
then, the most important award 'paling pandai' to MR WEE CHIAN..without him, we wont scored our assignment with high marks..>.<
in conclusion, i got nothing to do in the group coz everyone is so talented so i juz kepo here kepo there playing 'shooting' with john...hehe..
Thank You, buddy...

                                            My class members ... gonna miss our reunion next year

Monday, January 24, 2011


Im you......
chinese new year is around the corner n yet i still didnt 'on' my new year mood yet...
wanted to press 'on' but too many things to be done recently...

Btw, i feel like going bac home as soon as possible..>.<
miss my home so much...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Im so sorry, my dear blog....................
i had abandoned you for few months, this is because im so 'lazy' + 'busy'
anyway, this few months are really tough for me..
First, assignment assignment assignment
Second, test test test
Third, my brother's wedding (this is not the tough one, IM so Happy coz there will be my little niece popping out^^)
Fourth, fyp fyp fyp
Fifth, final final final

SEE, how busy I AM !!!
but i still ate snake in between these BUSY time..i went to Genting with my dear classmates and this is so-called relaxing trip before finals..muahahaha..and this is also the first time i went for clubbing at safari, to just not suitable for me...but i had fun with my two dears there (Yinli and Winnee)..*muax*

Time seems like flying instead of passing...It flies like a jet!! i thought i was still in the early of sem 1 and yet im already facing my finals for Year 3 sem 1 ...
I hope i can score and reach my target^^
Bless Me With Lots Lots Of Memory Space, GOD !!!

Sleeping time, lovezzz

Sunday, June 27, 2010









Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not my day

TODAY is definitely not my day...
damn EMO now...
bad news from morning till!!!
morning news was that i didnt get the car sticker to enter into uni..that means from now onwards i need to park outside and walk in...
afternoon news was failed to go for gym...coz he lazy to go and finding excuses...hate it!!
night time, few minutes ago...planned to take some fresh air outside so went yumcha with housemate..
the session last for 30 mins..also bcoz of HIM !!!! full of energy when playing games but once go out like a dead body...then when back home, energy come back again..DAMN!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Work Hard

I need to work hard..(not sure whether will last for a long time not)
BUT..i will try!!
Work hard on studies and also exercise(i dont want bui bui but that's my genetic...HELP!!!)..
i want to keep fit!! keep fit!!!keep fit!!!

This is the second day of my new semester and i nearly fall asleep in the lecture class...i already paid my full attention to the lecture class but the main problem should be on  the subject itself and *ehem...* not good to be mention la..haha..stories are good but not too granny please..

Today, went to gym...long time didnt exercise dy..super tired when reached home but quite 'SHUANG' after sweating..*winks* Wish to see you again,GYMNASIUM....